Summer NAMM: Jeff Loomis Reveals Plans for New Solo Album and talks Schecter JL-7

At this point, Conquering Dystopia guitarist Jeff Loomis is an OG Schecter signature artist, and his JL-7 has been a staple of the Schecter lineup for many years. For 2014, we (and Jeff) are finally getting an updated version, with a different set of EMGs (57 and 66), a thinner body, a gloss finish, and the option of a Hipshot bridge for the hardtail version. He also moved his volume knob out of the way of his picking hand (which is a big one, if you play guitar you know the pain of accidentally rolling down your volume knob in the middle of a song).


Also intriguing, I asked if we can expect another Jeff Loomis solo album anytime soon, and was surprised to learn that he has one more on his contract with Century Media and would be starting to write for it likely this month. He plans to be in the studio for it as early as this coming fall.


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