July 2014

Hoodies: the white lab coats of the 2010's?

For the House of Guitars in Rochester, NY.

Dude threw 5ths in my coffee once. I was pretty grossed out at the hygiene of it, but damn if

If you don't know Carvin, I feel bad for you son.

Mark Heylmun and Chris Garza break down how to play the band's new track in three tutorial videos.

I look forward to buying a guitar that can break in far more interesting ways.

This is going to be like, at least twice as good as Universal Soldier

The studio engineer really stresses how awesome the Aguilar that they didn't use sounded.

Not to be confused with the front-of-house mix team. What, you think Metallica is going to slum it by not

Korg has announced the DSN-12 synthesizer for the Nintendo 3DS. Now your keyboard can get all grimed up with in

The '90s space rock genre kings had to entirely rethink their live setup for the reunion tour.

Have YOU ever wondered what it is like to be in Converge? Well then, today is YOUR day!

I'm sure they'll let you jam on their gear whenever you want. After all, what's Thine is yours.