PROTEST THE HERO Release Live Footage Video For “Bloodmeat” From The FORTRESS 10 Year Anniversary Tour


Ontario-based metal band Protest The Hero recently finished up their 10-year anniversary tour for their incredible album Fortress, and to celebrate, the guys had some live footage of their track “Bloodmeat” put together in this music video-esc performance. While we’re bummed the audio isn’t directly live from the shows, it’s still fun as hell to watch and the song is a tried-and-true banger from start to finish. Check it out and hold your ear to the ground.

About the video, the band had this to say:

“We had our friend/foe Wyatt Clough join us on the Fartress 10 Year Anniversary Tour. Besides annoying us constantly, he also took some pretty great videos & photos of us rocking! We figured that 10 Years on, we might as well piece together a performance video of Bloodmeat – after all, the original video for BM was the first and only full performance video we ever made… We hope you can spot yourself if you were able to make it to one of these shows. It was definitely a tour to remember for all of us.”

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