Want the Secret to Machine Head’s Bass Tone? Here’s the Amp Settings… That They Didn’t Use

I don’t know if new Machine Head bassist Jared MacEachern is an Aguilar endorser or what, but this fourth in-studio video goes out of its way to apologize for the fact that that the engineer ultimately decided to DI the bass straight into the board. That’s not to say that they didn’t run the tone through plenty of sound sculpting gear: compressors, multi-band compressors, maybe expanding it and compressing it again, maybe?


The exact secret sauce of plug-ins and hardware wasn’t revealed, but you do get a nice shot of Jared’s Aguilar DB751 amplifier, including clearly marked settings. So if you want to totally nail the sound that Machine Head, um, almost had on their next record… which… I don’t know why you’d want to do that, actually. Maybe that’s your thing: a cover band that gives you the authentic sounds of records that didn’t take shape. Like an alternate universe cover band. You could play songs from the Deftones’ Eros, or …And Justice For All songs with a shitload of low end.

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  • What I got out of this video

    “We had one of the best bass amps and sick cabs to match but this is a modern metal album so we’re scooping the shit out of a DI and compressing the shit out of it so you can’t hear it”

    Also so much of the stuff in there was contradicting itself, for example “We didn’t use compression” at the start to “we ran it through a compressor and then 3 other compressors”

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