The Official Gear Gods NAMM 2019 Artist Performance Playlist

The 2019 NAMM show was filled with some pretty incredible artist performances, and although we weren’t able to catch ’em all, we did our best to capture some of the highlights this year. From shredders like Felix Martin and Archspire to the smooth tones of Myrone and Sean Ashe, there’s a lot of variety here for musicians from all walks of life. Check out the official Gear Gods NAMM 2019 Performance playlist below, or skim through the individual performance videos beneath that and watch your favorites. Enjoy!



Stevic Mackay:

Steve Dadaian:

Sean Ashe:

Sarah Longfield:



Prashant Aswani:

Dirk Verbeuren:

Zac Tiessen:

Felix Martin:

Ola Englund:


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