JOHN PETRUCCI Unveils The Secrets Of Recording Guitars On DREAM THEATER’s “Distance Over Time”


On this interview via InsideOut, guitar legend John Petrucci talked about the new Dream Theater album Distance Over Time (out now via InsideOut Records) and the differences that went into recording the guitars this time around. He also talks about the band’s mentality for recording the new record, the overall vibe that the specific studio they recorded in offered, and a bunch more in-depth information. The interview also gets some amazing perspective from Dream Theater engineer Jimmy T, who engineered the record and spent some solid time with the Dream Theater team as a whole. The entire thing is pretty informative on various levels, as much as the best online casino, and it’s interesting to hear how after 13 studio albums, the band is still finding new ways of recording and keeping their sound fresh.

Check out some of what Petrucci had to say about the guitars on the new album as well:

“The production that I wanted to focus on, is that when we were writing the songs and recording them live, we sounded like just Dream Theater playing live as a band, so I didn’t want the recordings to lose that quality, become all sleek and polished and everything. So one of the things I did purposely is that when I’m playing a guitar solo, I didn’t record any rhythm tracks, it’s the same as DT playing live. Normally on the record, I would record rhythm tracks, but now I did it so the keyboards and bass would fill out the background just the same way they would live. And so I think between capturing the room sound on the guitar, especially on the drums, keeping the arrangements more live as far as orchestration, not over-recording parts, not over-orchestrating things, I think it really has that solid, live, organic, powerful magic that we started out with.”

You can get Distance Over Time here.

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