KIESEL GUITARS Unveils Headless DELOS Model For NAMM 2020

Next up on the docket of fantastical NAMM season releases, we see a super sick new model from the good people over at Kiesel Guitars. I am biased because I’ve been playing Kiesel Guitars since they were still known as Carvin Guitars, but I think its incredibly sick to see how HUGE this company has gotten since they changed names and headed in a new direction. Good for these dudes!


ANYWAY, the new model that they will be releasing this week is an ultra-modern take on an ultra-classic design. The new model known as the “HD” is essentially a headless version of their already hugely successful “Delos” model. This will be available in six and seven-string models with your typical array of fully customizable options available through Kiesel’s custom shop. Also, unlike all of the other Kiesel headless models, you WILL be able to get a pickguard on this new model if you so choose.

Be sure to follow Kiesel Guitars on Facebook and Instagram to see some amazing examples of the new headless Delos series guitars.

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