KIESEL GUITARS Reveal 6 String Humbucker Pickup Comparison Video

Just in time for NAMM, Kiesel Guitars released a new video comparing their 6 string humbucker pickups. The bad boy pickups being demonstrated are the Lithium, Thorium, Illusionist, Polarity, Beryllium, and Holdsworth. Each pickup is slapped into an Aries 6 string and played in the bridge, neck/bridge split, and neck positions. As for the signal chain, each stanky riff is played through a Kemper Profiler in a clean (Dumble Profile), crunch (Friedman Profile), and high gain (5150III Profile) setting.


Huge props to demo players Brandon Ewing and Jesse Michel executing with top consistency in their playing! These dudes play an integral part in showcasing the different nuances of tone and clarity in the comparison. If you dig what you hear, check out Kiesel’s website for more information on their selection of pickups.

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