When You Just Can’t Stop: MAKENA and CAPITOL VICES Play A Set In WENDY’s During Pee Break

So I’m a little late in the news cycle here, and by now I’m sure you’ve heard about these two bands (MAKENA and CAPITOL VICES) from Illinois playing a set in Wendy’s in between tour stops during what I’m assuming was supposed to be a food and bathroom break.


This is a perfect example of right time, right place, right people. The manager just happened to be chill af, there just happened to be no one or almost no one patronizing the store at the moment, the band arrived right before closing time so the venue – sorry, the Wendy’s- was able to close and lock their doors and let Capitol Vices play a private set. If any one of these factors were different, this whole thing most likely wouldn’t have happened.

Which is probably why I’m loving this so much, because during the grind of a tour, and during the grind of a working shift, both parties were able to recognize a window of time where they could safely break from the mundane and get caught up in the spontaneous.

Renegade situations like this always seem to catch the best spirit of those involved. The bands are just truly doing what they love, no prerogative other than just performing because they love to. And the employee’s, whether they’re into this music or not, are hopefully able to if even for a minute, forget about the daily grind and monotony of life. And that’s the whole band/music/fan/listener relationship exchange in a nutshell.

I don’t know, maybe I’m digging too far into it and am completely off the rails on this one. But if this makes sense to you, try to keep that spirit of music in mind next time you go to a show or play with your band or practice. Be sure to drop Makena and Capitol Vices some love here below:

Makena’s Facebook is here, and YouTube is here. You can listen to them on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Capitol Vices’ Facebook is here, on Instagram here, and Youtube here. You can listen to them on Spotify, iTunes, and Bandcamp.

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