Suicide Silence “Ceast to Exist,” But this Guitar Lesson Will Live on

The Suicide Silence guys have a way of posting what would be good content, and then finding some way to completely distract me as I watch it. Last week when I checked in on Mark Heylmun he was telling the story of his signature ESP guitar’s genesis, but I was giggling like a dentist with the gas on every time he said the word “inches,” which was quite often.


Now Mark and his co-conspiritor Chris Garza have taken the time to create a whopping 3 videos to teach you every bit of riffage for their band’s new track “Cease to Exist,” yet I can’t really make out any of the notes because I’m pretty sure the guys were miniaturized and placed inside of a reverb tank. Come on y’all, I know you probably recorded these clips on tour, but if you can’t find a decent room then maybe you could least close mic your amps? One of the folks in your entourage must have a USB interface and a laptop.

That said, I still laud the band for taking the time to create these videos. If anything I just like hearing a group discuss some of the backstory behind each of their parts: which member wrote it, the influences that shaped it, etc. Check it out for yourself. All three movies are embeded below.

Part I

Part II

Part III

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