This Wolf In-Studio Video Has it All: Rototoms, Singing Lead Guitars, and Bassist/Toiletrie Comparisons

Ah, rototoms. Haven’t seen those in a while. You don’t realize what you’ve missed until it returns to you, so I can thank Wolf for that. This in-studio video, documenting the recording process for the band’s forthcoming Devil Seed record, features the most rotatable of all percussion. Also making prominent appearances are a xylophone, the Kemper profiling amp, and some very anthemic lyrics regarding carnivorousness.


It’s not clearly spelled out in the video, but the bass and guitar sessions appear to be at a different studio than where the drums were tracked. Guitarist Simon Johansson looks to be tracking straight into the Kemper, and with no other recording engineer in sight. Maybe it’s his, or the band’s, home studio? I wonder if they’ll be re-amping the guitars before mixdown.

I also couldn’t help but take notice of the mic placement on that acoustic. Unless there’s another large diaphragm condenser off camera, Wolf isn’t using a spaced pair or any of the other more common stereo configurations. Certainly not X-Y or ORTF, anyway. Could be just mono with a near and far mic. Why is it that guitarists usually insist on tracking acoustics in stereo anyway? It’s like when a drummer insists on stereo mics for their bongos. Yes, I know you have two of them. No, that doesn’t mean it’s really a stereo sound source.

I do appreciate raw footage of a vocalist in any in-studio film. Nothing says “I have confidence in this here voice and don’t need to fake neither jack nor shit with post-processing, no sir” like an extended take with no accompaniment, sung straight at the camera. So cheers, Niklas Stålvind. You can collect my bones, collect my skulls anytime. But come on man, I’ve only got one skull. Don’t go getting greedy on me.

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