Nile Drummer George Kollias’ “Odyssey of Double Bass Drumming” Sails on, Rounds the Isle of Thrinacia

A short bit ago, Nile/Cerebrum/session drummer George Kollias introduced a video series titled “The Odyssey of Double Bass Drumming,” based on his book of the same name. Maybe you people just don’t read enough and George has to take to the screen if he’s going to get you to clean up that double kick game of yours.


Things started out basic in part one, and while I wouldn’t call the newly released parts two and three “advanced” by any stretch of the word, Mr. Kollias is certainly ramping things up. In part two he demonstrates fundamentals for linking your right hand and foot into a machine of perfect synchronization, while part three’s A/B combos should leave your feet more independent than American was feeling roughly a week ago.

Can you hack these exercises? And more importantly, can you do it cleanly? What about flawlessly? If not, then have at you!

Part Two:

Part Three:

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