Today Is Instruction Day, Apparently: George Kollias Offers a Sample Lesson from His Recent Double Kick Book

Wrapping up a day of news on instructional books and videos, George Kollias (most notably as Nile’s drummer, but his discography is pretty expansive) is augmenting the content of his recent The Odyssey of Double Bass Drumming with some free video content.


The subtitle of the book is “Part I: The Beginning” (I would have put the prologue in part I and saved the beginning for part II, personally), and that’s reflected in this lesson. It certainly will mainly be useful for beginners. But if you’re just starting out behind the kit, or are a guitarist/bassist/vocalist that wants to surprise your bandmates with an impromptu kick explosion, here’s your first steps. Got to learn to walk and all that.

George’s book is available for €35. You can pick it up here.

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