This Electronic Pedal Steel Is Like if Guitars Were Made with Science… Well, More Science

Holy crap, what did you do to that telecaster? What unholy marriage of wood and steel have you fused together in some clandestine lab, the creeping dread of scientific folly seeping out of your pores like sweat?


Oh, it’s just an electric pedal steel? Gotcha. Ignore that last bit.

So if you’re not familiar with a pedal steel guitar, they’re usually tables, essentially. Like James Hetfield was on Lulu. There’s some complexity to the setup that necessitates the form factor, because those titular pedals actually adjust the bridge to lengthen and shorten the strings at the discretion of your feet. It’s not the kind of thing you could easily integrate into a common electric guitar.

But shit on a stick have they done it. Some mysterious internet user, with the hacker alias “Gr4yhound,” has created the Servo Bender. The name simultaneously describes the mechanical workings of the device and calls to mind two legends of robotic comedy, Tom Servo and Bender Bending Rodriguez. Gr4yhound 3-D printed the spring and cam system, and the detuning is controlled by an Arduino and some modded sustain pedals.,

For a more detailed look at the Servo Bender check out this Imgur album, by user “DeanMiller.” There’s probably a clue to Gr4yhound’s name in there somewhere…

Source: Hackaday

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