Havok’s Rehearsals Are the Opposite of a Living Nightmare

Despite our hesitancy about the whole retro-thash game, we here at Gear Gods are big fans of the Denver, Colorado-based rippers in Havok. This band is a cut above their peers, boasting not only killer riffs, but tightly written songs, and immaculate performances. They’ve also got a pretty big X-Factor in drummer Pete Webber, whose technique and creativity should really put him in the same conversation as some of his more senior peers in the American metal scene, guys like Ben Koller, Chris Adler, and Brann Dailor.


As a drummer in 2014, Webber is a frequent user of GoPros, and there’s a swath of footage out there of him absolutely ripping through Havok’s intricate compositions live on stage. Webber is now giving us a peek behind the scenes at a Havok rehearsal (sans-frontman David Sanchez, unfortunately), with a GoPro-filmed performance of the track “Living Nightmare” off 2013’s Unnatural Selection. Check it out below:

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