ENTHEOS Drummer Navene Koperweis Jams Cocktail Drums On The Beach

I figure this is a pretty good way to get your weekend going. Just some chill beats on the beach on one of my very favorite kinds of drum kits – the cocktail set. A cocktail drumset is one that usually is all one connected unit, with all the shells mounted together in such a way that you basically unfold it, throw on high hats and a crash/ride and play.


It’s no muss, no fuss, no pretension. Perfect for small local gigs, fun jam sessions, practicing, and of course, cocktail parties. The kick drum is basically the bottom of the floor tom, so you have to modify your playing slightly, but hot damn are they fun. Makes me wish I could play better.

Til then, I’ll just enjoy watching Navene Koperweis, who took his Tama cocktail kit to the beach and jammed for Drum! magazine.

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