Find of the Week: Dream Theater’s AWAKE Drum Kit!

I’m a BIG Dream Theater fan. You may have noticed in some of my demos I’m rocking an EBMM Petrucci model – that’s no coincidence (although it’s not just hero worship, I really do love it). I worshipped at the altar of prog for many years, and still love them.


When Mike Portnoy departed the band 5 years ago, I was sad to see him go, but was hoping it might be a temporary thing – people fight, and bands fall apart, but often they pick up the pieces, forgive each other, and pull it back together.

It would appear that this is for sure not the case with DT and Portnoy. Yesterday an auction went up on Backstage Auctions (the same guys who auctioned off a bunch of old Megadeth stuff late last year) for many of his old Dream Theater items, as well as some stuff from his other (myriad) projects such as Liquid Tension Experiment – including the Mapex drum kit he used on the Awake and A Change of Seasons albums. I’m hoping that he’s just cleaning house and this isn’t some kind of gesture of throwing out a piece of his past, but you never know.

The auction for the drum kit starts at $7500, a pretty low price for such an enormous kit that is also a piece of prog metal history. See the full list of auction items and prices here.

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