$336 For Used Guitar Strings – The Megadeth Mega Auction

Earlier today we posted an article about the dangers of being taken by memorabilia fraud. Looks like we’re going to have a theme day, as another event on the topic has come to my attention.


I’m all for making money from playing music, however you can get it. In fact, later this week I’ll be exploring this topic in far greater detail. But that didn’t stop me from open-mouthed gawking at the money people actually paid during an online auction of an enormous treasure trove of Megadeth stuff that included guitars, amps, cabs, footswitches, lyric sheets, and other miscellany.

The highest price on the list was far and away the $19004.02 (I wonder if it was the $00.02 that put it over the top) paid for a Dean doubleneck Bloodlust guitar. It was one of 3 guitars that fetched 5 figures in this auction.

The biggest jaw dropper I saw was someone paying $336 for a set of guitar strings used in a concert in Quito, Ecuador. I suppose that the value of a thing is determined by what someone will pay for it, but DAYUM. Similar prices were paid for shirts owned and worn by MegaDave.

megadeth auction used guitar strings

Almost worse is that someone walked away with maybe the best deal of them all, a lot of no fewer than 11 Celestion speakers for $236, some of which were damaged, but 3 of which were brand new in the box which makes it a profitable score. That someone paid less than market price for something that is actually functional and usable while someone else paid MORE for a set of used guitar strings boggles the mind.

Before you go ham on the ‘Deth, keep in mind that they didn’t charge these prices – it’s an auction, and people paid what they were willing to pay. If you’re a MegaFan, this auction could have been a dream come true and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The band has every right to sell things they own at whatever price they see fit, just as you have every right to spend your money elsewhere on things you can actually use and don’t have MegaDNA on them.

You can see the entire list here.

How much would you pay for memorabilia from your favorite artist?

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  • Wow, the 8 deactivated Marshall heads went for $1770. Someone’s going to make a heck of a profit refurbishing those.

    I wanted the Killing Is My Business acoustic panel, but almost $3000… No thanks.

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