Gear Dads

Nice to find someone who agrees with me!

At last, we arrive at the snare.

"The Open Door" is a hilarious watch and sign that things aren't all that different in our industry.

In 2015, Metallica meets UFO/Scorpions is a strange, captivating thing.

Engineers Ade Emsley and Tony Newton take you into Abbey Road to learn more about the archiving and remastering process.

Trey gets a bit existential.

The Coup De Villes perform the theme to Big Trouble in Little China

New professional footage has surfaced of the band performing "Larks Tongues in Aspic, II"

This sure ain't Taylor Swift's 1989

Legendary jazz-fusion-shred guitarist drops a new track from his forthcoming album Concrete Gardens

Prog pioneers slay "Cat Food" on a German rebroadcast of Top of the Pops from 1970.

You'll poo a little when you see what people paid.