Throwback Thursday: Napalm Death Pummel Rock City

People are, with very good reason, excited about Napalm Death these days. The band, now more than thirty years into their career and steadily releasing great tunes, just put out a possible career and 2015 highlight in Apex Predator. Perhaps in celebration of that, the band’s old record label Earache has uploaded footage from a full show from 1989, at the historic Rock City venue in Nottingham, England.


You might have guessed that this is a very different 1989 than the one Taylor Swift likes to anachronistically remember. Often times when labels have footage of this era in their can, they put it through a post-production process that really sucks the life out of the material. This show really gives you a sense of what it must have been like to see this band at the height of that scene’s power in England in the late 80’s. Remember, this is when the Earache bands – Morbid Angel, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, and more – were all putting out some of their first and most vital albums, and right on the heels of Napalm Death releasing Harmony Corruption. Looks like it was fun.

Stream “How The Years Condemn” off Apex Predator, out now on Century Media, below:

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