Throwback Thursday: King Crimson Live, At Their Prime

Here’s a real treat for you guys. The following performance by King Crimson of “Larks Tongues in Aspic, Part II” has just surfaced online, previously only available on the 40th anniversary reissue of Red. Taken from a performance at the ORTFTV Studios in Paris in March 1974, this lineup and era of the band was a truly special one, featuring Robert Fripp alongside Bill Bruford, John Wetton and David Cross. It’s my personal favorite time in the band’s history, and the records that they were making in the mid-70’s through the early 80’s are still truly remarkable. It also features a Death Stare from Robert Fripp like no other:



There is so much to say about this performance, but what strikes me is how raw the band is, for how tightly orchestrated and performed the music is. This is the kind of band that modern progressive metal bands can study – it is possible to play otherwordly, technical music, while still sounding like people!

The footage is courtesy of DGM (Discipline Global Mobile), Fripp’s independent label that has served as the conduit for all things King Crimson since 1992. They’ve also been cool enough to post a pretty cool “rig tour” of KC from a recent Chicago performance, so you should support them! Check that out below:

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