How About Some Long-Lost King Crimson Footage?

Well, are you in for a treat today. Although rumored but long lost to time, footage emerged online earlier this week of King Crimson performing the song “Cat Food” on BBC’s Top of the Pops in March 1970. To date, this is the only footage of the band in existence in which they are performing with singer/bassist Greg Lake, who was featured on the In the Court of the Crimson King and In the Wake of Poseidon albums, other than a brief clip from their Hyde Park performance in 1969.


This is quite a strange clip. In addition to miming their performances to a recording (a common practice on the show basically all the way through to the end of its broadcast history), the footage is taken from a German rebroadcast, in which the intro/outro sections not featuring the band, who would have shot their parts in the UK, were re-shot separately from the performance. Check it out:

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