June 2017

Megadeth drummer Dirk Verbeuren is peddlin' his signature snares on the road.

Scale the Summit in Charlie's Great Glass Elevator of beats!

Djenty grooves from Auras drummer Nathan Bulla.

Italian Metal: It's like delicious pizza and pasta for your ears.

Bastian tackling a difficult track from "The Living Infinite" with ease!

Fountainhead spouts the love for his dank new signature Winspear picks, so water you waiting for?

Dunable, Strandberg, ESP, Vigier, Skolnick, Moontooth, Periphery - what more could you ask for?

One of the standout soundtrack picks by Edgar Wright.

The most recognizable cabs in the game, built up from start to finish.

Brutai come out swinging straight from the beautiful sunny United Kingdom; watch this drum playthrough by drummer Mathieu Bauer of the band's

Buy something from the personal collection of Taxi Briell, the legendary CBGB sound guy.

Engineers for Machine Head, The Contortionist, and Oceano share strategies and tools in their new Speed Mixing webinar.

And a hundred US tour dates! Well, maybe not that many.