Trio HUNDRED SUNS Announce GEAR GODS-Sponsored Tour, Release New Song


Hundred Suns is the brainchild of Norma Jean singer Cory Brandan, ex-Every Time I Die drummer Ryan Leger, and ex-Dead and Divine‘s guitarist Chris LeMasters. The trio have joined forces to create a band that combines the catchiness of rock and pop with the chunky, energetic sound of hard rock and metal. Starting in 2013 and growing year after year, the band has finally decided to make themselves known, with good reason. And what’s even better, the band is going on a US tour sponsored by your very own metal news site, Gear Gods! That’s right, we’re taking these dudes on the road through the power of the internet (or something). The later dates also feature the Virginia-based rock band Sunndrug, so you’re definitely not gonna wanna miss this. Dates and venues can be found below!

In addition to the tour, the band just released a new single entitled “Last Apology” from their upcoming 2017 record The Prestaliis. If there’s anything this song doesn’t do, it’s apologize. It’s heavy and crushing, but also powerfully melodic, with Brandan’s vocals soaring beautifully high up in the mix. Between the thicc riffs and memorable choruses, these guys are definitely onto something in the songwriting department.

The dudes have a lot of exciting stuff in the works, so hurry up and get your tickets soon before they’re sold out! You can also preorder their new album here so you can know all the songs. For all other things Hundred Suns, head to their website and Facebook and soak it up.

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