Watch How ORANGE AMPLIFIERS Assemble Their Famous Speaker Cabinets


Have you ever wondered why Orange Amplifiers’ speaker cabs sound so goddamn good, weigh a fuckton, and last longer than your parents’ marriage? It’s because they’ve had something like 50 years to develop their cabinet-making process and hone it into a precise art form, which can now be viewed blow-by-blow – educational captions and all. The video’s only 4 minutes long, and Clutch is the soundtrack, so it’s now your duty as a human to hit play.

The whole build is actually super interesting, and catching glimpses of the Orange team working their magic is pretty damn neat. I mean, shit; even the hose/cable things on their screw gun thingamajigs are orange. If that’s not dedication to brand identity I don’t know what is.

To supplement today’s instruction, I’d suggest reading all about the renowned PPC412. And if you’re looking to cop, just do it. These things rule.

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