FOUNTAINHEAD Signature WINSPEAR GUITAR PICKS Available Now for Immediate Shredding

Tom “Fountainhead” Geldschläger (long-lost brother of Buckethead I have been told) has just announced his new line of signature guitar picks via the company Winspear. The ex-Obscura guitarist said he had been searching for the perfect pick for years and years, and was never completely satisfied with any of them. He’d even go so far as to carve up his picks before shows to get them exactly how he wanted them. That’s dedication to the craft if anything, but with the release of these new picks, you probably won’t find Mr. Fountainhead slicing up plectrums in the green room anytime soon. And if you’ve been looking for a slick, grippy, mean-looking guitar pick, you can now join in on the action!


So first off, the things look like little death machines (in a good way). The good people at Winspear Picks have worked with Fountainhead to create a signature pick based off one of their best-sellers, the Amber Standard Shiv, and enhanced it with some pretty neat features. The main characteristic that stands out is the aggressively-knurled grip on both sides of the pick. This provides an extremely grippy surface for those hot, sweaty nights on stage when you still need to get your shred on. The edges are polished and bevelled with a super subtle taper from 2-1mm, which allows for an incredibly comfortable feeling, all the while being firm and stable. Additionally, each side of the pick includes a hand-painted Fountainhead logo engraving. These picks have a steampunk meets Game of Thrones-look going on, and we totally dig it.

If you fancy yourself a Winspear Fountainhead Signature Amber Shiv, head over to Winspear and order yours! You can read tons of testimonials on the site from guitarists who have joined forces with Winspear because of the quality and craftsmanship, so we’re pretty sure you won’t be disappointed. For all other things Fountainhead, keep up to date with him on Facebook and check out his newest album Reverse Engineering on his Bandcamp. He brings the prog, we guarantee it.

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