AURAS – Exclusive Drum Playthrough of “Dream Elixir”


I know what you’re thinking: “Here we go with another ‘Nouns’ band. I wonder what they play.” I get it. But Canadian djent/groove/prog (did you guess correctly?) quartet Auras have been putting in work since 2010, before Nouns were cool. And with collective band interests like “Super Smash Bros” and “beer pong” fueling the fire, how can you not dig what they’ve been doing? In this exclusive drum playthrough, Nathan Bulla shows us what it’s like to be a sick-as-shit groove master. “Dream Elixir” is the sixth track from their latest full-length album released last summer, Heliospectrum.

And for the super nerdy drum dudes out there (I know there’s gotta be at least 8 of you), Nathan’s complete kit is as follows:

Essex County Drums:

22″x22″ kick
12″x7.5″ rack
15″x12.5″ floor
14″x5″ Pearl Chad Smith sig snare

Meinl Cymbals:

10″ Byzance Traditional Splash
14″ Byzance Traditional Medium Hats
18″ Byzance Traditional Medium Thin Crash
21″ Byzance Traditional Medium Ride
19″ Byzance Traditional Medium Thin Crash
16″ Classics Custom Trash China/16″ Byzance Vintage Trash Crash
18″ Classics Custom Dark China


Evans EC2 Clear on Toms
Evans Heavyweight coated on Snare
Evans EQ3 on kick

Be sure to visit the Auras canucks here for more music, tour dates, merch, and all that shizz.

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