June 2017

Check out the gear that goes into running a revival movie theater.

Martin Grech joined TesseracT in the studio for a live playthrough of "Hexes."

Rishabh gets sitar'ded with another brilliant cover.

Mike Orlando riffs out on a brand new A-Mob track!

Is it the Metalhead Rocks or the Metalhead Sucks?

Electro-Harmonix Battalion, reporting for duty sir.

Over the river and through the woods to rip some thrash riffs we go.

An exclusive playthrough from Ray's hotly anticipated new instrumental EP.

Special guest Glenn Fricker of Spectre Media Group and I answer all your hardest queries.

This has got to be the best way to meet women, possibly ever.

Starting your own heavy metal band is as simple as you make it, but it certainly doesn’t come without its