SEABOARD BLOCK Keyboard Takes Modular Musical Gadgets to a Whole New Level


Seaboard has been pioneering the keyboard’s future for a while now, due in large part to their innovative, touch-based control. You might recall this guy shredding Hendrix on a Seaboard RISE MIDI controller. How in the fuck, you ask? Each key is responsive to 5 dimensions of touch: Strike, Glide, Slide, Press, and Lift. What that essentially means is unparalleled dynamic control so you can play keys like a friggin’ guitar. Or whatever else you can come up with.

The Seaboard Block harnesses all the same technology, but is a lightweight, small footprint, über-portable version of its full-sized friends. That doesn’t mean it’s short on features, though. There’re still 24 keys to mess around with, over a hundred free sounds packaged with it, and the necessary software to play it on-the-go or integrate it into a DAW.

But here’s the best part: thanks to ROLI’s modular Block design, you can connect a few of them in a variety of configurations. Of course, there are also other members of the Block family besides the Seaboard that you can attach however you’d like. All in all, the possibilities (not to mention the portability) are pretty insane.

Check out ROLI to learn more about the nifty Seaboard Block and the rest of the series.

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