Watch a Dude Execute Hendrix’s “Little Wing” to Perfection on a SEABOARD RISE Keyboard

Well, it’s official. Keyboards have finally caught up to guitars as the instrument most likely to get you laid. Of course, this is only because you can play them like a guitar now. SMASH HIFI tossed up the video above of a dude absolutely killing a keyboard rendition of Jimi’s “Little Wing” on a Seaboard RISE MIDI controller.


The keys on the RISE lineup of controllers apparently have five levels of articulation: “Strike, Glide, Slide, Press, and Lift.” So when you hear a keyboard pulling off guitar moves, that’s why. There’s way more control over each note, allowing you to play with enough mojo to pull off Hendrix songs.

You should probably let the keyboardist in your life know about this. Let him/her be cool; they deserve it.

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  • When I first heard about this a few years ago I was floored by it. It’s good to see it might actually take off

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