P.L.F – Check Out BRYAN FAJARDO’s Grinding Live Drum Playthroughs

Check out these wicked cool drum play-throughs by Bryan Fajardo of P.L.F. and filling in for Captain Cleanoff at the Saint Vitus Bar.


As Bryan said himself, he’s now 36 and still blasting his way through life and not showing any signs of slowing down. Some of these blast beats are atrocious – and I mean that in a good way! In true grindcore style, some of these hits are downright disgusting, the snare is soooo poppy, and I don’t know about you but that sound makes me wanna get smashy! Playing like this for 5 minutes is a test in itself, but when it comes to a whole set, it really takes true stamina. When I used to play drums live I was done in after the first song, and my band were not playing anywhere near this speed, I guess that’s where technique really kicks in. Unlike some grindcore, these tracks are not sloppy either, I’ve seen various grinders playing fast but sounding like a wet floppy piece of cardboard, these dudes and especially Bryan are tight as a nun’s rear end.

If you don’t know P.L.F then get to know them – not the “Palestine Liberation Front” but instead “Pulverizing Lethal Force”; for fans of old school crusty grind with a sprinkle of thrash metal.

Now I’ve watched these videos I’m off to go practice my blast beats until my snare drum is covered in blood.

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