Ray Suhy (CANNABIS CORPSE, SIX FEET UNDER) Invokes Open-String Madness on “Fulmination”


Ray Suhy has gotta be one of the hardest working guys in metal. In between his duties as guitarist for heavyweights Cannabis Corpse and Six Feet Under (not to mention having served for years alongside Gear Gods’ first editor-in-chief Chris, in New Jersey’s great East of the Wall – a prog band you should check out if you’re not aware of them), Ray’s managed to put together an instrumental EP, Fulmination, that’s quickly becoming one of the most anticipated albums of the year.

That’s because it rips – as demonstrated by the ridiculously good song that MetalSucks premiered. Meanwhile, we’re stoked to host a playthrough for the title track, which is also ridiculously sick. Spake Ray of the track,

“Fulmination” was written very quickly after getting a new 6 string from Viger Guitars (a GV Rock model) and is sort of my take on the open string riffage that Mastodon rules at. I wanted to combine that kind of sound with a more fusion-y, melodic minor type of thing for the melodies and solos. I always try and put some acoustic guitar on every project I do so I improvised the outro to create a segue to the next song “Subjugation.” Victor Montanaro’s drumming is really powerful on this. His parts from about 1:10 really drive the song.

Tabs will be available for this and the other tracks on Ray’s website. Meanwhile, pre-order the EP at this link!

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