Jamming To Strangers’ Music Libraries On The Beach With A Blackstar Fly Bluetooth Amp


If a stranger on the beach with a guitar approached you and asked you to beam your music from your phone to his amp so he could jam to it, would you do it? And what song would you play?

I took the opportunity recently to hit the Santa Monica beach with the battery-powered Blackstar Fly amp and invite total strangers, whoever was passing by, to use the Bluetooth feature of the amp to beam a song, ANY song, from their music library to the amp so I could jam along. I wasn’t sure I’d get any takers, but people are on the beach to have a good time, so I got a fair number of willing parties. Let me tell you – this might be the best way to meet women I have ever tried in my life. I am by no means a smooth operator, but I talked to a number of very attractive and cool ladies this day. I might have to go back out and try this again with no cameras, just for funsies.

Thanks to intern Isaac Stolzer-Gary for holding the camera and the amp on this one.

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