Watch Some Dude use a Fidget Spinner to play Djent on a 9 String

In case you’ve been living under a pop culture rock, a “fidget spinner” is the latest fad toy for kids. It’s basically the Gen Z equivalent of spinning tops / marbles / hula hoops / yo-yos / slinkys / silly putty / Rubik’s cubes / diabolos / Nerf vortex / log / magic 8-balls …you get the idea. It’s the novelty item right now and perfect fuel for a viral guitar video attempt.


So, honestly, good on you Andrew (the dude in the video) for making some platform-appropriate content. But, (and I don’t want to sound too dramatic here) I think this video may officially mark the decline of western civilization itself.

You had a good run.

But hey don’t listen to me, I’m old. And because I’m old, I can’t help but immediately hate anything that brings fleeting joy to youthful faces. Fidget spinners, Djent after 2013, guitars with more than 6 strings. All of it.

Mostly though, I just can’t help but cringe when I see a fidget spinner. I can only picture the metric ass-ton of discarded plastic that’s gonna end up in a municipal landfill when this whole thing dies down in about 3 weeks. Or maybe I’m being too pessimistic. Maybe it’s not gonna go to landfill. Maybe there’ll just be a garbage-island of old spinners, leisurely floating around the Pacific Ocean for the next 1000 years until they degrade into tiny flakes, ending up in the stomachs of various marine animals.

…That high melody thing he plays in the video was actually pretty cool-sounding though.

If this zany video tickled you in a good way, follow Andrew Baena’s YouTube channel over here.

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