PERIPHERY – MARK HOLCOMB Teaches You How to Play “Marigold”

Mark is playing his sweet PRS “Mark Holcomb Limited Edition” signature guitar here.


The long haired, soul patched, shred machine from Periphery, Mark Holcomb, recently sat down with to school mother-effers on how to play “Marigold” (from Periphery III: Select Difficulty). And watch out man, that main riff is actually more difficult to play than it first sounds.

The riff is basically an arpeggiated sequence with a bit of everything in terms of rhythm techniques. There’s economy picking, some palm mutes, some upstroke accents and a few spidery hand shapes that’ll trip you up at-speed. It’s easy to see why Mark uses this riff to warm up with.

Here’s the full song for context:

what does it all mean tho

It’s definitely not a track that screams Djent and, by itself, the riff surprisingly just sounds like a pretty stock standard Melodic Death Metal riff. But Periphery somehow manages to turn it into something way more interesting within the context of the song. I think it’s all about that syncopated bass and drum rhythm section.

Listen to Mark and the boys play this little ditty on Periphery’s hit record, Periphery III: Select Difficulty, over nnyehhere.

And if you want to be taught some more songs by your favorite guitarists, head over to’s YouTube channel.

Or, better yet, check out the Gear Gods lesson archive for the really good stuff.

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