OCEANS ATE ALASKA’s Playthrough Of “Nova” Is Way Impressive

Oceans Ate Alaska released their latest record Disparity on September 1. Though if you somehow missed how impressive its musicianship is, you need to check out our playthrough video of the song “Nova” below.


“‘Nova’ is a big track filled with fast and memorable riffs that we wanted to continuously develop, but also repeat as the track moves forward,” said Oceans Ate Alaska.” The frenetic composition meant that we didn’t want to only settle on dissonance – but instead frequently introduce melodic passages to give the listeners some old school OAA vibes, which is cool as the progression leads us up to the big breakdown and of course (after the dust has settled) bring everything back around for the singalong outro. This is one of the funnest tracks on the album to play, we are very proud of it!”

Guitarists James “Jibs” Kennedy is using an Ibanez RGD61ALET and Adam Zytkiewicz wielding a Music Man JP16, while Mike Stanton is using a Music Man Stingray Bass. Guitar and bass were mixed and processed by Nick Sampson using the Neural DSP Granophyre and Helix Native plugins. You can also get Disparity here.

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