Rush’s Geddy Lee Updates His Fender Signature Jazz Bass

For the last few decades, Geddy Lee has been pretty synonymous with the Fender Jazz Bass, and his signature model has been a standard on store shelves since its release in 1998. This wasn’t always the case! If you check out old photographs and live footage of Rush from “back in the day,” you’ll find that Geddy used to play other instruments, notably Rickenbacker basses.


But we all have our gear journeys. That’s something we don’t talk about too much, but everyone has these experiences – finding an instrument in a pawn shop, browsing a magazine, surfing Craigslist for sweet deals, scanning websites like GearGods. Geddy’s just had a bit of a longer one, and therefore has quite a relationship to Fender and it’s instruments.

And now it’s coming full circle, as Geddy has updated his signature model. The U.S.A. Geddy Lee Jazz Bass combines the specs and features of three basses — two Fender Custom Shop versions of his signature model, and a ’72 Jazz Bass that he discovered at a pawn shop in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Check out Fender‘s video interview with Geddy about the bass below:

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