Rock Memorabilia – Are Those Autographs Real?

More like, is this fucking exposé real? Inside Edition takes a closer look at the industry of rock memorabilia (isn’t it quaint when people still call it “rock n’ roll”?) such as autographed guitars, and the less-than-kosher verification process that goes along with it. To me the whole thing is ridiculous, and paying absurd prices for things with just a bit of Sharpie on them is extra dumb, but they make some good points – for instance, a guitar manufactured in 2013 signed by Tammy Wynette, who died in 1998.


I think having your favorite whatever sign your thingummy is cool – I have Paul Gilbert’s signature on one of my axes, and I watched him do it so I know it’s real. But I wouldn’t pay $3242039203948 for it, and neither should you. It’s possible that it’s fake, and even if it’s real, you’re still getting ripped off.

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