TAMA Unveils New BRANN DAILOR Signature Snare

Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor and Tama have teamed up for a signature snare drum that’s sure to give you all Dailor’s incredible drumming abilities. Probably.


The Brann’s Bronze snare is based on Tama’s Starphonic series and offers a 14×6.5″ 1.2mm Bronze shell paired with the Grooved Straight Hoop for added attack, 30-strand Carbon Steel snare wires, and a finish inspired by ancient statues of the Bronze Age.

Top that all off with a “vintage” style badge paying homage to TAMA’s former years, and you’ve got all the caveman madness needed to play “Blood And Thunder” perfectly. No word on if the ghost of Troy Sanders haunts all the drums or just the one in the video.

Get it here for $799.99.

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