On the Heels of His Last Triggered Playthrough, Unearth Drummer’s New One is for “Watchers of Room”

From Superior Drummer to totally the opposite of it. The last time we checked in with Unearth‘s Nick Pierce his playthrough was essentially a demonstration of Toontrack’s ubiquitous drum sound replacement software, so I guess Nick wanted to go au naturel for this run around the sprinklers.


As far as I can tell from my cheapo laptop speakers, low quality YouTube stream, and rising state of panic at the inevitable downfall of modern civilization, it’s a room mics-only party in that acoustically treated chamber that Pierce does his deed in. You notes state that the video was “ecorded with a Zoom HD2 for audio and GoPro Hero3+ for video” so I’ll just assume that the built-in Zoom mic was responsible for capturing the audio and not something external lined into to XLR inputs.

The track is “Never Cease” from Unearth’s recently unfurled LP Watchers of Rule. Scroll past the video for upcoming tour dates and a Pierce-by-Pierce piece-by-piece breakdown of the components of Nick’s kit.

Nick Pierce’s Drumset:

  • Tama Silverstar Drums and Road Pro Hardware
  • 8″, 10″, 12″, 16″ Toms, 22″ Kick, 13×6.5 SLP Sonic Steel Snare
  • Speed Cobra Double Pedal w/ Iron Cobra Wood Beaters
  • Zildjian Cymbals (Left to Right)
  • 14″ A Zildjian Quick Beat Hi Hats
  • 17″ K Custom Hybrid China
  • 17″ A Custom Projection Crash
  • 10″ A Custom Splash
  • 16″ A Zildjian China High/12″ A Zildjian Splash Stacked
  • 11″ K Custom Hybrid Splash
  • 19″ A Custom Projection Crash
  • 10″ FX Trashformer
  • 21″ A Zildjian Mega Bell Ride
  • 19″ A Custom Ultra Hammered China
  • Evans Heads
  • Toms- EC2 SST Clear
  • Snare- Evans Hybrid Batter, 300 Hazy Bottom, Puresound Pro Snare Wires
  • Kick- EQ2
  • Promark Hickory 5B Sticks
  • Cympad Felts

Unearth Tour Dates:

04.03 Nagoya – Apollo Base (Japan)
05.03 Tokyo – Shibuya O-East (Japan)
06.03 Osaka – Shinsaibashi Drop (Japan)
08.03. Jakarta – Hammersonic Festival (Indonesia)
10.03 Kuala Lumpur – Blackbox (Malaysia)
13.03 Okinawa – 7th Heaven (Japan)
14.03 Okinawa – 7th Heaven (Japan)
30.04. Dunkerque – Les 4 Ecluses (France)
01.05. Meerhout – Groezrock Festival (Belgium)
02.05. Viborg – Viborg Metal Festival (Denmark)
03.05. Hannover – Faust (Germany)
04.05. Bourg en Bresse – La Tannerie (France)
05.05. Lille – Le Splendid (France) + ARCH ENEMY
06.05. Savigny Le Temple – L’Empreinte (France) + ARCH ENEMY
07.05. St. Etienne – Le Fil (France) + ARCH ENEMY
08.05. Audincourt – Le Moloco (France) + ARCH ENEMY
09.05. Bourg En Bresse – La Tannerie (France)
10.05. Uelsen – ZAK (Germany) + ARCH ENEMY
11.05. Zürich – Komplex 457 (Switzerland) + ARCH ENEMY
14.05. Lausanne – Les Docks (Switzerland) + ARCH ENEMY
15.05. Tonrino – Audiodrome (Italy) + ARCH ENEMY
16.05. Pinarella de Cervia – Rock Planet (Italy) + ARCH ENEMY
18.05. Bordeaux – Krakatoa (France)
21.05. Lisboa – Paradise Garage (Portugal) + ARCH ENEMY
22.05. Porto – Hardclub (Portugal) + ARCH ENEMY
23.05. Santiago de Compostela – Capitol (Spain) + ARCH ENEMY
28.05. Annecy – Brise Glase (France)
29.05. Nürburg – Grüne Hölle Rock (Germany)
30.05. Warsaw – Ursynalia 2015 (Poland)
31.05. München – Rockavaria (Germany)
02.06. Budapest – Open Air (Hungary) + ARCH ENEMY
03.06. Graz – Orpheum (Austria) + ARCH ENEMY
04.06. Wörgl – Komma (Austria) + ARCH ENEMY
07.06. Alkmaar – Podium Victorie (Netherlands)
20.-24.07. Tolmin – Metal Days Festival (Slovenia)

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