NAMM 2014: Dream Cymbals Should Be on Your Radar

Every Gear God still has gaps in their knowledge, and I’ll admit to being completely ignorant of Dream Cymbals and Gongs. We took a look at not only their higher end pieces, but also a beginner line that sounded pretty damn good for the price point. I used to work in a drum shop and I’ve heard some student cymbals that sounded like absolute ass, so it’s refreshing to see a company try to cross the quality barrier in that tier.


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  • These are good cymbals. I recently got one of their energy crashes and a paiste crash in the same price range(which was the Alpha line). I was surprised to find that I liked the dream crash better. It has a more open, washier sound and is significantly louder than the Paiste(possibly due to the unlathed bell?). It probably wouldn’t compare with a Paiste Signature or Rude, but that shit is outside of my budget anyway. I have heard that they are inconsistent, but I got two cymbals from two different lines, and they both exceeded expectations.

  • Ive never seen more broken and returned cymbals in my life. Could be their formula as it wouldnt be perfected yet. but sheeeesh these things sound weak.

    Get some paistes , k’s or friggin hhx’s and your rockin.

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