NAMM 2014: Pork Pie Drums and Matt Nolan Cymbals

Pork Pie‘s drums may be “made by an American,” but their cymbal tag team partner of choice is a Brit by the name of Matt Nolan. We were waiting for our turn to get a tour of the newest Pork Pie gear, and got into a conversation about the cool unlabeled black cymbals on the matching black Pork Pie kit. Turns out they were Matt Nolan Custom Cymbals, and Mr. Nolan himself was the man we were talking to. So we got a tour while we were waiting for our tour.


When we eventually were shown the Pork Pie goods it turns out that the black kit was made of rosewood, but the really startling wood development was the 16-ply maple snare with a sheet of brass in the middle of it (credit yashika). I’ve seen drums that mixed metal and maple in vertical rings, like DW’s Edge snares, but this approach was new and really unique. And that’s just some of the highlights of Pork Pie’s booth in the video below.


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