Testament’s Rig Tour Is Basically The Coolest Hang Ever

Growing up, one of my favorite bands was Testament. Guitarists like Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson were some of the first guys I got into who were “out there” so to speak in terms of incorporating stylistic and harmonic influences outside of metal into a pretty traditional thrash setting. Great band, and their catalog looks better year after year.


Testament are still chugging along of course, putting out solid records and ripping it up live. The dudes at Premier Guitar recently got one of the more in-depth rig tours of a band of Testament’s stature’s that I’ve seen lately. A few interesting things to note in this video:

  • Eric Peterson plays Kemper Profiler Amps
  • Alex Skolnick’s custom Budda head has a hilarious amount of knobs
  • Steve DiGiorgio’s fretless 3-string bass

Check it out!

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