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Warning: sounds nothing like either Testament or Megadeth! And we mean that in a good way.

Nick Menza's friends and family celebrate the life of a legend.

Over a classic "So What" / "Impressions"-style chord movement.

Testament guitarist and Megadeth bassist teach you some riffs from their new supergroup side-project.

Portnoy teases "Let the Darkness Come" from the upcoming Metal Allegiance drum DVD.

Premier Guitar got the scoop on the legendary thrash band's current touring rig.

Ex-Evile guitarist brings the shredding thunder on new solo guitar album.

Guitarist of choice for Halford, Sebastian Bach, and more runs down classic metal riffs.

It's pretty much everyone in metal condensed into a super-concert with a dangerous gravitational pull, and you can live stream

Straight to you from NAMM 2014.

The Lamb of God guitarist, and his co-conspirators at ESP, have gone above and beyond with the visual design of