January 2016

Papa John's never sounded so good

Dean Guitars and Dave have collaborated to make a wide range of styles for his signature series.

The folks at Z.Vex might have won NAMM - no contest.

The ID:Core has a pair of big brothers now.

He's got enough soul to make up for every other ginger's lacking.

50% shred, 50% advice on picking up babes. What more can you ask for!?

A never before heard waltz on an 8 string guitar!? Yep!

A personal highlight of NAMM 2016 was having my face melted by this guy!

He takes it a step further than chewing bubble gum and walking.

Jokes, Riffs, & Requests!

Rebecca Scammon performs at the Strandberg booth during NAMM 2016. Check out more info on Strandberg Guitars at their official