January 2016

Find out where all the action is!

We nabbed some stories about breaking gear from members of Toxic Holocaust, Deafheaven, Night Birds, White Widows Pact, and more.

A playthrough of his band Ordinance's new track, "Of the Fatherland."

Helpful NAMM tips from the people in the know!

Ben Harclerode's attire matches the attitude of his breakdowns.

A quick 30-minute snooze can act as a restart button on your day, and helps solidify in memory what you've

Paul Wandtke is more than a suitable replacement for Mat Madiro and Nick Augusto.

Mangini and Vater Percussion came up with some pretty cool, versatile drumsticks.

Looking for a solid MIDI controller with lots of features and bundled software for not a fortune?

We ask members of Revocation, Toxic Holocaust, Black Crown Initiate, Exmortus, and many more, to share some of their most

Bolt-on, bolt-off, bolt-on, bolt-off

Why limit yourself to one scale? All 12 notes can be friends!