Whitechapel Drummer Plays “Vicer Exciser,” Rocks Sick Sleeveless Metal Blade Tank

I’ve never gotten into Whitechapel (never seen em live either), though I’ve always respected the way they’ve handled their career, and particularly how they’ve been able to continue to build their fanbase despite how the “moment” for this sort of music probably passed a few years ago. And they tour like motherfuckers – they’re just never on anything you could probably ever convince me to attend.


I also can’t believe how cool drummer Ben Harclerode’s Metal Blade workout tank top is. I think there’s a tattoo/muscle mass ratio required in order to play these kinds of breakdowns – something about body weight and balance? Similar to lifting, which, incidentally, are Whitechapel “gym metal”?

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  • Nope they’re ‘shit guitarists that somehow manage to write interesting songs, with an even shitter bassist and studio coverup drummer, with a fucking beast of a vocalist and lyricist…. Metal’ I only like a few tunes but love the singers vocals and lyrics

    • No studio coverup drummer. I’ve played on the past 3 wc records with minimal sound replacement. What you hear on the records, I played.

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