Expand Your Pedalboard – With CABLES?

We live in a finite universe. Unfortunately, that means that effects pedalboards are a finite size. This becomes a problem when you want to cram every possible effect you could ever need onto your little Home Depot special that you lovingly banged together with 1x2s and some plywood.


One thing that might allow you to squeeze that one last phaser onto your effects orgy (this one has a different sound from the other two, you need it for that part in that one song for a different flavor) is to swap out your fat, bulky old patch cables for some of the flat ribbon variety.

In the video above, I demonstrate how I managed to make enough room on my pedalboard for an entire other pedal just by changing the cables to flat ones (specifically, these Ernie Ball Flat Ribbon Patch Cables). Because the cable itself is flat, the jack can also be flat and half the size, which means twice as much room in between pedals.

The universe, finite as she be, is also ever-expanding – so is your pedalboard. You’re gonna need all the room you can get!

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