DREAM THEATER Engineer James Meslin Discusses Neve RMP-D8 Preamp

This is a pretty cool little video.


Engineer James Meslin is recording the new Dream Theater record, Distance Over Time, and also working on the sound team for DT’s live show. In this video, James discusses the importance of the new Neve RMP-D8 mic preamp on Dream Theater’s new record as well as in their live production. James also talks about how the Neve RMP units have replaced his use of full consoles for recording since they are DEAD ON when it comes to the “true Neve sound.”

In James’ own words:

“The Rupert Neve Designs gear has been the backbone of this whole recording process. Having recorded on vintage Rupert Neve consoles throughout my career, working with the Shelford Channels and RMP-D8s has been a very familiar experience. The RMP-D8 sounds and feels like a classic Rupert Neve console to me.”

I always love hearing stories about old school guys switching from humongous setups down to smaller, more affordable, and simpler designs that deliver the same results.

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