UNCURED: Guitarists Zak And Rex Cox Take You Through Each Part Of Their Live Rigs

That’s right, the Cox brothers from New York-based metal band Uncured are back with a vengeance! In this latest premiere, guitarists Zak and Rex Cox take us through their live guitar rig setup, which is all housed in a single FX rack to streamline the whole operation. Check it!


From the wireless guitar packs, Axe-Fx II’s, and power amps, to the Focusrite Clarett 8 Pre-X interface and laptop running Reaper, the dudes pretty much have it all. The rundown is quick but clear, and the guys run through a whole host of specs, tips, and tricks for how and why they have this main rack setup the way they do. We could have learned a thing or two from these guys for our own rack video!

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